loving-couple-sexuality-e1465435223685.jpgIt is not a secret that most men don't typically like going to the doctor. Unfortunately, this prevents many men from consulting a doctor when they really could benefit from doing so. At Longevity Medical we want to change men's attitudes about going to the doctor. Our approach is to create a relationship with our patients founded on respect, careful listening, effective cutting-edge treatments, and by treating each person as a unique individual.


Whether the purpose of the visit is to discuss preventative health strategies, have an annual check up, or to address a specific health concern, our physicians have the experience and knowledge to provide our patients with their best options for care.


mens-health-300x199.jpgAt Longevity Medical we also encourage all our patients to be active participants in their own healthcare. We have found that the best way to accomplish this is by providing adequate appointment time for listening, offering quality treatment options, and answering questions. We often receive positive feedback from men who state "I've never had a doctor spend so much time with me," and "I really appreciate you answering all my questions." We have found that when men feel that their health concerns are being heard and they are well informed about their health and treatment options their attitude about going to the doctor changes.



Men come to Longevity Medical for many health concerns, from those concerned about a family history of heart disease, to others wanting to have a discussion about testosterone replacement therapy, weight loss, or information about improving sexual function. Our physicians have decades of experience and our office offers our male patients state-of-the-art services not found the typical the typical practice. This includes our prostate risk assessment with color power doppler ultrasoundthe GAINSWave treatment for erectile dysfunction, and a complete men's health laboratory assessment for evaluating cardio-metabolic and hormone status.


Our physicians are also highly trained in treating a variety of other men’s health issues, including:


Hormone evaluation and treatment
Prostate Risk Assessment
Erectile Dysfunction
Anxiety/Stress Problems
Sports Medicine Preparedness and Rehabilitation
Fatigue and Energy Issues
Cardiovascular Risk Assessments
Lack of Libido
Weight Management
Executive Health Programs
Preventative Medicine
High Blood Pressure
Cholesterol Problems
Cancer Prevention and Therapy