Men’s Health

At Longevity Medical Health Center in Phoenix, Arizona we want to change men's attitudes about going to the doctor. Our approach is to create a relationship with our patients founded on respect, careful listening, effective cutting-edge treatments, and by treating each person as a unique individual.

Whether the purpose of the visit is to discuss preventative health strategies, have an annual checkup, or to address specific health concerns, our physicians have the experience and knowledge to provide our patients with their best options for care.

At Longevity Medical Health Center, we encourage all our patients to be active participants in their own healthcare. We have found that the best way to accomplish this is by providing adequate appointment time for listening, offering quality treatment options, and answering questions. We often receive positive feedback from men who state, "I've never had a doctor spend so much time with me," and "I really appreciate you answering all my questions." We have found that when men feel that their health concerns are being heard, and they are well informed about their health and treatment options, their attitude about going to the doctor changes and their health improves.

Some of the reason's men choose Longevity Medical Health Center:


Men’s Longevity Annual Health Screening

Laboratory and physical exam specific to men’s health.  Includes a comprehensive review of relevant laboratory makers of heart health, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, hormones- including free and total testosterone, prostate health, essential vitamin and mineral levels, and essential fatty acids.  Our men’s health laboratory panel uncovers not only current risk factors for disease, but also analyzes predictive risk factors.  Identifying these potential risk factors and then creating a personalized plan for health optimization is what the Longevity Men’s Health Assessment is all about.


Weight Loss

At Longevity Medical Health Center, we offer a variety of effective health loss support.  All our weight loss plans educate men on how to incorporate the right healthy lifestyle changes into their routine.  Weight loss should not be about starving oneself or yo-yo dieting. Successful weight loss programs empower men to lose the weight they desire and help to keep the excessive weight off for life.


Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Discussions with men about hormone replacement therapy typically revolve around testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT.  Ask anyone who has successfully used TRT and you’ll know why: more energy, improved mood, sharper thinking, feeling stronger, enhanced libido, and feeling younger.  While these are all desirable things, correcting low testosterone levels can also be beneficial in reducing the incidence of diseases such as diabetes and blood sugar control, heart disease, and depression.  Testosterone replacement therapy at Longevity Medical is done in a personalized and safe manner to ensure excellent outcomes for all our patients.  Contact us now to find out more.​​​​​​​


Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Estimates place the incidence of ED at roughly 40% of men by the age of 40.  This suggests ED is a much more common problem than most realize.  ED is more than just the inability to have a satisfactory erection; it can be the cause of anxiety and depression, strain relationships, and erode self-confidence.  There are several risk factors that may predispose a man to developing ED including, low testosterone, diabetes, medications, and poor blood flow to the penis.  Current conventional treatment relies heavily on expensive medications that are often accompanied by unpleasant side effects, and by routes of administration that are both unromantic and painful. At Longevity Medical Health Center, we have the experience to correct ED at its root cause and help men revitalize their sexual function and confidence.  At Longevity we often use the Shockwave​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ therapy as part of our ED treatments.  See our Shockwave for more detail on this exceptional ED treatment or call us at 602-899-4070 for a free and discrete ED consultation.​​​​​​​



Peyronie’s Disease

eyronie’s disease, which occurs from the development of fibrous scar tissue in the penis, can be a serious health concern for many men.  While the exact mechanism for the development of Peyronie’s is not known, the consensus is that it generally develops from some sort of repeated trauma.  This trauma could be sustained during intercourse, sports activity, or an accident.  Often no specific trauma can be recalled.  Peyronie’s disease can cause significant problems including painful erections, erectile dysfunction, shortening of the penis, and painful intercourse.  Current conventional medical treatments for Peyronie’s disease are severely lacking and can be highly invasive.  At Longevity Medical Health Center, we use a variety of therapies to successfully treat Peyronie’s disease including laboratory assessments to uncover and treat modifiable risk factors and deficiencies, low-intensity shockwave therapy​​​​​​​ and platelet-rich plasma (PRP).  Call our office at 602-899-4070 to discuss your options today.​​​​​​​