Longevity Medical Center| Chelation Therapy I IV Vitamin TherapyMany patients find that nutritional IV Vitamin Therapy provides a quick, easy, and safe way to improve their health. 

IV therapy is short for 'intravenous', which is where this therapy is administered, directly in to a vein. A big advantage that IV therapy has is that by infusing vitamins, minerals, and other substances directly into the blood the gastrointestinal system is bypassed. This allows the substances being infused to reach the entire body faster and with greater efficiency, allowing for faster results.

The naturopathic medical doctors at Longevity Medicalfind that IV vitamin therapy can be used to help improve energy levels and enhance their nutritional status. IV therapy is frequently used for fighting infections such as the common cold, or even chronic viral conditions. People with nutritional deficiencies due to gastrointestinal and absorption problems often find IV Vitamin therapy very helpful in improving their overall health. Additionally, at Longevity Medical we offer several specialty IV therapies that can be used as part of comprehensive treatment plan for many chronic conditions.


Longevity Medical has been offering IV therapy for over three decades. Over this time we have perfected our technique and gained the experience needed to offer our patients a great variety of IV therapies, including:


IV Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin/Mineral IV
Anti-Oxidant IV
High-Dose Vitamin C
Meyer’s Nutrient IV
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydtation and Electrolyte Replacement
B-Vitamin Complex IV
Detoxification IV
Immune Enhancing IV
Circumin IV
Sodium Selenite IV
Ozone Therapy

IV Vitamin therapy is generally a painless and overall pleasant experience. Our well-appointed IV therapy suite and extensively trained doctors and staff create a warm and enjoyable experience for all our patients.


For more information on IV therapy at Longevity Medical call us today and speak with one of our friendly care coordinators.