Arizona�s leader in naturopathic and integrative medicine since 1984.At Longevity Medical Health Center we have been Arizona's leader in naturopathic and integrative medicine since 1984. We specialize in creating holistic and alternative treatment plans that are specifically tailored to each of our patient's unique needs. These safe and effective natural medicines can be incorporated into any cancer treatment plan.

It is our philosophy that an optimal treatment plan for cancer should provide much more than a single treatment modality. To be successful an alternative, cancer treatments plan needs to be multi-modal and fight cancer by attacking the tumor directly, crippling a cancer cell's metabolism and energy production, cutting off blood supply to the tumor, stimulating the immune system, and inhibiting treatment resistance. Importantly, restoring health and healing vitality to the person fighting cancer is of utmost importance and must be a priority as well.

Just as important as treating with a holistic approach, is the importance of treating each patient as a unique individual. No two cancers are identical, and no cancer treatments work equally well in all patients. At Longevity Medical in Arizona we use state-of-the-art medical testing to determine which treatments show the best potential for success and incorporate these findings, along with targeted alternative supplementation to improve treatment response, into our patient recommendations.

We use a variety of medications, highest-quality supplements, herbal medicines, IV treatments, physical medicine, and dietary plans when creating protocols for our patients. As stated previously, our physicians have the experience to safely incorporate our recommendations into a patient's current cancer treatment protocol. By doing so patients often experience better results, increased overall health, and less adverse medication reactions. We believe that as your doctor it is our duty to work with the other health care providers on your medical team. The best results are often achieved when using naturopathic, alternative and conventional cancer treatment approaches in an integrative fashion, rather than relying on solely one or the other.

Our physicians have experience using the following cutting edge cancer fighting therapies:


Our experience also provides us with the ability to offer guidance to patients about how to prevent cancer recurrence. This extends beyond providing our patients with specific lifestyle and nutritional changes, but also to the use of targeted therapies used to make the body an inhospitable place for cancer to survive. Today's technology allows for the identification of risk factors associated with increased cancer risk. It is important to identify and eliminate these cancer risk factors not only for the primary prevention of cancer, but also for the prevention of cancer recurrence.

Examples of Cancer specific Diets used by our physicians:


For over a decade many patients have come to Longevity Medical Health Center in Phoenix, Arizona for personalized and effective integrative, naturopathic and alternative cancer treatments. We routinely see patients looking for help in all stages of disease, from those with a strong family history interested in prevention, to those currently fighting cancer, as well as those searching for a plan to reduce the risk of recurrence.


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