DrJonathanPsenkaTopNMD.jpgDr. Jonathan (Jake) Psenka is originally from Leland, Michigan and received his bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Montana.  He attended medical school at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Upon completing medical school, Dr. Psenka co-founded the Issels Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  Originating in Germany in the 1950’s, the Issels Integrative Immunotherapy Model was one of the first truly holistic cancer treatment models that utilized the best of both naturopathic and conventional medicine. Dr. Psenka continues to practice integrative cancer medicine today, and after nearly 20 years of practice, has extensive experience combining naturopathic therapies with conventional cancer care.  Dr. Psenka believes in educating his patients about their condition and treatment options so that they can be an active participant in their own care.

Dr. Psenka’s practice also includes natural allergy treatment, including sub-lingual immunotherapy (SLIT).   Through his work with allergies, Dr. Psenka became interested in the impact that unhealthy lifestyle choices are having on the increasing incidence of allergies worldwide. His research on this topic is summarized in a book he authored titled “The Seasonal Allergy Solution”.

Men’s health, including both prevention and treatment of disease, is also a large part of Dr. Psenka’s practice.   He routinely works with men of all ages to improve their health and vitality.  Weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stress are all conditions in which he has extensive experience.  Dr. Psenka also has as interest in anti-aging/longevity medicine and is a member of Americal Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  

Dr. Psenka has taught at the university levels, has served on several State boards and professional associations, been recognized as a “Top Doc,” is a frequent public speaker and writer on health topics and is a member of several professional medical associations.

When not at the clinic, Dr. Psenka enjoys exploring Arizona with his family, riding mountain bikes, and practicing what he preaches.

Dr. Psenka’s Testimonials

“Dr. Psenka, Thank you for all your invaluable advice! You gave me hope in a world full of medicines and gnarly side effects. I felt so much relief after talking with you. Now I know why Mom raves about you. Thanks again!”


Dear Dr. Psenka, I just wanted to thank you, and thank God that I found someone like you. I have never had the experience of a doctor giving me so much time, just to get to know me and what I'm going through. I can't tell you what a difference I have felt just from our visits and my lab work. I feel like a new woman and I've been sleeping well! I am so grateful for my answered prayers and finding a doctor like you. Love,


My Dearest Dr. Psenka, I wanted to send a card to you to thank you deeply for my last appointment. As usual, you took so much time with me and made sure that I was clear on all topics- thank you. With Love,


I appreciated that Dr. Psenka was unhurried and happy to spend as much time as was needed to discuss our concerns, answer as many questions as came up, and explain his philosophy and approach to treating YOU. He was approachable and listened, rather than just talked/lectured. I believe that he does what he does because he is compassionate and committed to helping people; not because of money. Intelligent and bright, bright, bright! I loved that about him; he is clearly very knowledgeable and apparently keeps up with all the latest. And finally, he's progressive and aggressive. I get the feeling that he's always thinking ahead to the what-ifs and how to-s. I know one thing for sure; I would want him on my team!

-From a friend of a patient who participated in the initial consultation

“Dear Jake, I wanted to say thank you for the excellent information and care. My deepest appreciation for all of your gracious help. Sincerely,”


“Dr Psenka, Thank you so very much for being yourself. You’re a special doctor, walking a different path, and I wanted to let you know how nice it is to have a doc that cares. So different from my past experiences. A doctor without an egotistical nature is a rare jewel. Thanks for the care, concern, guidance, and laughs! Love,”


“I first met Dr. Psenka after I finished my 3rd round of chemo for metastatic breast cancer. Our initial interview lasted over and hour and Dr. Psenka acted as though he would stay there all day f that is what it took to get all my questions answered. He has an incredible grasp of the mechanics of my disease and was very informative on what immune support/nutrition/treatment he would recommend. I wish I would have started with his regime at the onset of my breast cancer, as I feel the outcome would have been different. I am stable now and my last PET showed no activity in my bone lesions. The nutritional support has kept me as healthy as one could be having the chemo/radiation that I’ve had. I work full time and lead and active life. I see my oncologist regularly, as well as Dr. Psenka. I feel this gives me the best advantage I am going to have to survive. I would encourage anyone with an early diagnosis of cancer to consider alternative therapies along with their chemo. Dr. Psenka and his staff are a great team and a remarkable resource to help anyone through this difficult diagnosis.”


“Dr. Psenka,Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions on how to hike the Grand Canyon in a more nutritionally balanced way! Having a great time! See you soon,”


“Hey Doc, Looks like we beat it!”