What is GAINSWave?

GAINSWave is a revolutionary drug-free, surgery-free, and non-invasive therapy that uses pulsed acoustical waves, providing a breakthrough solution for men seeking better erections and optimal sexual performance.

Having Problems in the Bedroom?

As a man, there is nothing you fear more than not being able to perform while you are in bed with your partner. Not only can this be very frustrating and embarrassing, but it may worsen as you age. Whether you are unable to achieve an erection or function is simply not what it once was, a decrease in sexual function can be a detriment to not only your confidence but also your relationships. GAINSWave can help any man seeking to improve their overall sexual function and performance.

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How Does it Work?

Steady blood flow is the key to erectile function. As men age, the blood vessels in the penis deteriorate and fill with micro-plaque reducing blood flow to the penis. For over 15 years, therapy similar to GAINSWave known as Shockwave therapy has been successfully used in Europe to help men with ED. However, its new to the U.S. and Canada.  

GAINSWave therapy uses pulsed acoustic waves to open existing blood vessels and stimulate the formation of new ones. The resulting improved blood flow helps any man, not only those with ED, to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.

The GAINSWave Procedure

GAINSWave therapy is a series of simple in-office procedures that is completely non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery free. Your local Certified GAINSWave provider will review your symptoms and recommend the right protocol for you. Typically treatments last between 15 to 20 minutes.

There are little to no side effects and no downtime. Men usually experience the full benefits after a series of 6 to 12 procedures, but many experience improvements immediately following their first few procedures. According to research benefits can last up to 2 years (NCBI).

Who Can Benefit from GAINSWave?

Any man looking for improved erectile quality and optimal sexual performance can benefit from GAINSWave with these treatments:

  • Erectile Dysfunction Relief Erectile Dysfunction Relief Over 50% of men will have some degree of erectile dysfunction in their lifetime, which is often a result of lack of blood flow. GAINSWave therapy opens existing blood vessels and creates new blood vessels in the penis resulting in increased blood flow creating stronger and longer lasting erections.  
  • Peyronies Disease Relief Peyronies Disease is known to be an increasing problem with 5-10% of men suffering from this condition. Scar tissue forms under the skin of the penis resulting in curvature of the penis and painful erections. Most men subsequently develop ED as the bodys natural defense mechanism against pain. GAINSWave is a revolutionary, drug-free, surgery-free therapy that can break down the scar tissue and address all aspects of Peyronies Disease allowing for straighter, healthier, and pain-free erections.  
  • Sexual Performance Often, men over 30 notice decrease in their sexual performance. Even if you dont have ED, but always want to stay on top of your game, GAINSWave is for you. GAINSWave can provide stronger erections, decrease recovery time between orgasms, increase sensitivity, and boost your confidence.

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Last year I had a bit of a down period, I was not having any fun anymore, and I noticed I was losing it. [Then I had the GAINSWave] and the results were staggering.

Ronald S. Producer

I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I am with the results of the GAINSWave. I had the treatment, and I noticed a difference making love to my wife that very night!

Thomas W. Athlete

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GAINSWave?

GAINSWave is a protocol utilizing low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy to improve mens sexual health. Shockwave therapy is an acoustic wave that, when applied to the soft tissue of the male genitals, results in the repair of existing blood vessels and the growth of new blood vessels. This protocol allows the penis to accept more blood, leading to better quality erections.

How does GAINSWave work?

GAINSWave protocols utilize a technology known as shockwave therapy that helps promote healing and growth. This treatment sends acoustic waves into the genitals, and through mild shear stress, trigger a series of biological reactions that result in the release of angiogenic factors. In other words, it promotes the repair of existing blood vessels and the creation of new blood vessels, resulting in improved blood flow. Better blood flow translates to better erection quality and sexual performance.

What are the benefits of GAINSWave therapy?

By expanding existing blood vessels and generating new ones, GAINSWave helps to improve blood flow to the penis and offers men these benefits: 

  • Decreased Refractory Period  
  • Improved Erection Quality  
  • Relief from the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronies Disease  
  • Harder and More Full Erections  
  • Improved Sexual Performance  
  • Improved Sensitivity

How is GAINSWave different from other ED/Performance enhancing treatments?

What separates GAINSWave from other ED treatments is that its completely safe and noninvasive. With over 40 studies conducted on Shockwave therapy for ED, there have been no major adverse effects reported. Another key differentiator for GAINSWave is its long-term effects.

By addressing the root cause of ED, reduced blood flow, GAINSWave prevents patients from resorting to consistent medication use, or dangerous surgeries. Couples can now reclaim their spontaneity with lasting results that are not dependent upon a pill to kick in.

Are the effects temporary?

The science behind GAINSWave reveals benefits lasting up to 2 years. However, patients can continue to receive ongoing treatments as part of the GAINSWave maintenance protocol. Compounding benefit not only helps maintain the results, but clients have also reported continued improvement and enhanced sexual performance.

Why havent I heard of GAINSWave?

While shockwave therapy has been in Europe for nearly two decades, its relatively new to the market in the U.S. This therapy, commercially known as GAINSWave, is spreading throughout the U.S. and Canada, making its way onto top media outlets such as Mens Health MagazineandFox News.

Is it safe?

GAINSWave is the safest ED treatment available to men. Throughout the literature on shockwave therapy for ED and Peyronies, no significant adverse events have been reported. GAINSWave is noninvasive and drug-free.

Are the claims of GAINSWave supported with research?

GAINSWave protocols were developed from the science of over 40 clinical research studies supporting the effectiveness of shockwave therapy for sexual health. You can read more here.

How many treatments will I need to improve my sex life?

For maximum results, GAINSWave protocols range between 6 and 12 treatments.

However, you may notice some benefit after 1 or 2 treatments.

Who uses GAINSWave?

GAINSWave works to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and Peyronies disease for those suffering from both conditions as well as men just looking to improve their sexual performances. GAINSWave should not be used on patients with active prostate cancer or with penile implants. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these conditions or are on anticoagulant therapy.

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Due to ED, I have not been sexually active in over 5 years. Oral ED medications did not work for me.Now after getting the GAINSWave, I feel confident that I can be spontaneous and enjoy my relationship with my wife again. Its not very often you get a second chance to start over at my age, and Im grateful for GAINSWave therapy.

John B. Attorney

Im a man in my 40s. I wouldnt say I have ED, but my wife and I both noticed that things were not quite as good, as they used to be. It was taking longer to become aroused, and getting read a second time almost impossible. I heard a radio commercial about the GAINSWave, and decided to give it a shot. Man, was I happy I did, my wife says our sex life is the best it has been since our Honeymoon!

Eric T. CEO

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