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At Longevity Medical, we provide state-of-the-art care in the area of men’s health. Our commitment to men’s health is based upon using a holistic approach- looking beyond the immediate symptoms to reveal the true cause of disease. We integrate the best of alternative and conventional healing traditions to promote optimal health and vitality.

At NFC, we believe that the best decisions in health care are informed decisions, which is why we take the extra time to educate our patients about what their health care choices really are.

Additionally, we are one of the few clinics in the US offering color power Doppler ultrasonography of the prostate gland. This new technology allows men to make highly informed decisions about their prostate health. Our physicians often combine the results of the Doppler ultrasound with a PCA-3 analysis. This provides one of the most detailed and clinically relevant laboratory combinations available for prostate issues.

Our physicians are also highly trained in treating a variety of other men’s health issues, including:

Hormonal imbalances
Cardiovascular Risk Assessments
Sexual Dysfunction
Lack of libido
Weight Management
Executive Health Programs
Preventative Medicine
High Blood Pressure
Cholesterol Problems
Cancer Prevention and Therapy

Articles about Prostate Cancer Management:

Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment

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