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Program Goals
Weight Loss
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Improve Energy
Promote Lasting Health
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Program Strengths
Physician Supervised
Private Physical Training
Individualized Plans
Regular Follow Up
At Longevity Medical we believe in the power of preventive medicine to reduce and diminish the adverse effects of disease. There are no preventative measures as powerful as a healthy diet and exercise program. This is well established in the medical literature, and many studies have confirmed that eating a healthy diet and participating in a regular exercise program can have a positive and lasting impact on overall health.

In light of this, we have developed a series of physician supervised diet and exercise programs at Longevity Medical thatwe are very proud of. Our programs do not just help people to lose weight. Our programs teach people to eat a healthy diet, lose unwanted weight, and exercise safely and efficiently for lifetime. Additionally, each of our programs is tailored to each participant's specific needs, and they are very affordable.

Our basic 6-week physical fitness program is perfect for those people who need to lose weight, are just starting to exercise, and need help maintaining a healthy diet. Participants in our basic plan start off with a thorough assessment by one of our physicians to determine their percent body fat, lean body mass, body mass index, and their resting metabolic rate. Participants will also be assessed for their ability to exercise in a safe manner. With this information in hand, a specific diet and exercise plan will be constructed based on that person's individual needs. Our diet plans use foods which are easily available to everyone, and do not require purchasing any special bars or mixes. Participants in our basic physical fitness program will meet with our physical trainer for 45 minutes on a weekly basis to review their exercise plan and technique. Participants also have a weekly metabolic assessment at this time to make sure that their goals are being met.

We've also created an accelerated six-week program for those who may need a little extra help, or those who are looking to jumpstart their exercise routine. The accelerated program continues to utilize individualized dietary plan based on the participant's metabolic needs, but includes two 45-minute exercise sessions with our personal trainer.

Whether you need to a little weight or a lot, are not sure how to exercise correctly, or are looking to fine tune your diet and exercise habits, we have the program for you.

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