Dr. Psenka’s Testimonials

“Dr. Psenka, Thank you for all your invaluable advice! You gave me hope in a world full of medicines and gnarly side effects. I felt so much relief after talking with you. Now I know why Mom raves about you. Thanks again!”

-AW, 2007

“Dear Dr. Psenka, I just wanted to thank you, and thank God that I found someone like you. I have never had the experience of a doctor giving me so much time, just to get to know me and what I’m going through. I can’t tell you what a difference I have felt just from our visits and my lab work. I feel like a new woman and I’ve been sleeping well! I am so grateful for my answered prayers and finding a doctor like you. Love,”

-TG, 2007

“My Dearest Dr. Psenka, I wanted to send a card to you to thank you deeply for my last appointment. As usual, you took so much time with me and made sure that I was clear on all topics- thank you. With Love,”

-LO, 2006

“My Thoughts on Dr. Psenka, I appreciated that he was unhurried and happy to spend as much time as was needed/wanted to discuss your concerns, answer as many questions as came up and explain his philosophy and approach to treating YOU. He was approachable and listened…rather than just talked/lectured. I felt he was honest and forthright what his treatment plan can and cannot do for his patients. I got the feeling that if he thought that he would not have been able to help you…he would have said so. I believe that he does what he does because he is compassionate and committed to helping people; not because of money. Intelligent and bright, bright, bright! I loved that about him…he is clearly very knowledgeable and apparently keeps up with all the “latest.” And finally, he’s progressive and aggressive. I get the feeling that he’s always thinking ahead to the “what if’s” and “how to’s.” I know one thing for sure…I would want him on my team!”

-From a friend of a prospective patient who participated in the initial consultation, 2007

“Dear Jake, I wanted to say thank you for the excellent information and care. My deepest appreciation for all of your gracious help. Sincerely,”

-CL, 2007

“Dr Psenka, Thank you so very much for being yourself. You’re a special doctor, walking a different path, and I wanted to let you know how nice it is to have a doc that cares. So different from my past experiences. A doctor without an egotistical nature is a rare jewel. Thanks for the care, concern, guidance, and laughs! Love,”

-JC, 2005

“I first met Dr. Psenka after I finished my 3rd round of chemo for metastatic breast cancer. Our initial interview lasted over and hour and Dr. Psenka acted as though he would stay there all day f that is what it took to get all my questions answered. He has an incredible grasp of the mechanics of my disease and was very informative on what immune support/nutrition/treatment he would recommend. I wish I would have started with his regime at the onset of my breast cancer, as I feel the outcome would have been different. I am stable now and my last PET showed no activity in my bone lesions. The nutritional support has kept me as healthy as one could be having the chemo/radiation that I’ve had. I work full time and lead and active life. I see my oncologist regularly, as well as Dr. Psenka. I feel this gives me the best advantage I am going to have to survive. I would encourage anyone with an early diagnosis of cancer to consider alternative therapies along with their chemo. Dr. Psenka and his staff are a great team and a remarkable resource to help anyone through this difficult diagnosis.”

-BM, 2007

“Dr. Psenka,Thanks for all of your advice and suggestions on how to hike the Grand Canyon in a more nutritionally balanced way! Having a great time! See you soon,”

-FC, 2006

“Hey Doc, Looks like we beat it!”

-JB, 2006


Dr. Marchese’s Testimonials

“I saw Dr. Marchese after being dissatisfied with my endocrinologist not listening to my concerns about my Thyroid. She was recommended to me. She did more extensive lab tests and exam and I was given Nature-Throid which made a big difference. She spends quality time with me. I finally feel like someone is listening to my health concerns seriously.”

“Dr Marchese help my daughter with her acne and PMS. She helped me with peri menopause and diet changes.”

“Dr. Marchese is great, and her staff too. I was a bit of a needy patient and they were very cooperative and caring. Dr. Marchese went out of her way to make sure I was getting the best care, including calling me at home. Cannot speak highly enough of her.”

“I was very scared & depressed once diagnosed with HPV & dysplasia, especially since my husband and I were just starting to try to conceive. I did a lot of of my own research and entrusted Dr. Marianne Marchese with my alternative (escharotic) treatments for this condition. She was honest from the start and answered all the questions that I had, as well as successfully treating another underlying health problem. After following her protocol and coming to the office for 10 treatments, I went back to my OB/GYN for a follow-up. Tests came back clear of HPV & a much healthier cervix. Shortly after – I got a positive pregnancy test 🙂  I’m writing this review, even though anonymously, because I think all women should be aware of this alternative treatment. Dr. Marianne Marchese will take the best care of you, should you choose the alternative approach.”


Dr. Retz’s Testimonials

My name is Andy and am a 36 year old male.I have struggled with anxiety and varying levels of depression since my first panic attack at age 15. I have seen numerous psychologists for talk-therapy and a handful of psychiatrists for countless drug prescriptions. Talk therapy has helped some but the drug recommendations from the psychiatrists ended up being a 3-year cycle of ups and downs coupled with weird, unexplained side-effects. Not knowing of any other solutions, I turned to the Internet and advice from friends and loved ones. This brought me to Longevity Medical Health Center’s doorsteps and to be introduced to Dr. Michelle Retz.From my very first appointment, I knew that Dr. Retz had a sincere passion for her work and a genuine concern for her patients. My first appointment was very thorough and was the first time I had ever been asked certain questions pertaining to my diet, sleep, exercise, etc. and not just about my symptoms. This holistic approach was completely foreign to me from my previous doctor experiences. Fast forward 3 months and Dr. Retz’ recommendations of all-natural supplements and remedies has left me with a significant decrease in my anxiety and my outlook on life greatly improved. I experienced no side effects from the supplements and continue to maintain a sound diet and regular exercise program with the help of Dr. Retz.

The greatest take-away from my treatment is for me to listen to my own body and fuel it with what nature intended (natural supplements, remedies, etc.) and not something that is produced in a laboratory and has a list of side-effects as long as the list of pending lawsuits from the mass-prescribed, synthetic drugs.

Thank you to everyone at Longevity Medical Health Center and Dr. Michelle Retz for helping me improve the quality of my life!


I am thankful to have found Dr. Retz. I spent a month at Mayo having tests for stomach issues. I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Retz immediately. I have referred many people to her and will continue to do so. I can’t imagine seeing any other [doctor] ever. The staff are absolutely wonderful. Thank you!”

– Patient


Dr. Tamburri’s Testimonials

 “After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I decided to seek independent advice and possible treatment from Dr. Tamburri, in Arizona. He helped me digest the mountains of information and advice that I’d received from well-meaning Naturopaths, Urologists, Family Physicians and friends, as well as the multitude of reading that I had done on the subject. The consultations with Dr. Tamburri was very enlightening and surprisingly affordable. I recommend that you contact Dr. Tamburri if you find yourself in this dilemna. To this day, we continue to rely on his advice. P.S. I am now 12 months free of cancer.”

-Darcy Nicholson Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Dr. Tamburri,Too often in these busy days, we fail to take the time to express our appreciation. I had an appointment with you on August 3. My wife and I came into your office. We found all of your office staff to be very courteous, pleasant, and caring.After your presentation, examination and discussion, I knew I was in the right place to take care of my concerns. Your vast knowledge in this complex pathology influenced my understanding of your functional approach to treating the root cause of the problems and not just the symptoms. Dr. Tamburri, you have raised the medical profession to an all time high.My wife and I thank Longevity Medical Health Center, you, Dr. Tamburri, and your staff for treating us so well.”

Cordially, P.P. 2012


Dr. Magerus’ Testimonials

“Dr. Tracy Magerus is the BEST doctor I have ever had the privilege of knowing (and I have known many doctors throughout my life)!  I have been going to her for the last four years.  During that time she refused to give up, until thanks to her unfailing persistence, my symptoms went into remission.  Instead of relying on medicine that just masked my symptoms, she helped me find ways that enabled my body to heal itself.  She genuinely listens and cares about her patients.  She always goes above and beyond and has greatly helped my whole family.  She is the only doctor I completely trust to treat my son.  She is very professional and makes you feel comfortable right away.  I would highly recommend Dr. Tracy and I do every chance I get!  I could write a book on the many ways she has helped me and my family, but instead I think this quote sums her up perfectly;  ‘The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.’ -William Osler

 – BL


“After feeling so run down, finding a physician who was able to start me on the right path for hormone replacement therapy, assist me with my thyroid, help me to have the energy and drive to keep exercising, and identify food allergies that were holding me back, I feel great! Dr. Magerus I would like to thank you for your guidance, care, and support. It is because of your efforts that I have been so successful creating a new level of health within my body and a much better quality of life. I feel blessed, so grateful, and very lucky to have you as my physician.   Thank you!”

 – CH


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