Janelle de Buzna, MS, RDN has over 20 years of combined experience with nutrition, disease, and wellness coaching. Her work spans from working in the clinical arena with disease treatment and consulting; with a transition in 2011 that focused on Integrative Nutrition, Wellness and Preventative Therapies. Janelle has been a board certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 1997. She completed her Bachelor of Science Degree with majors in both Clinical Nutrition and Food Science/Food Service Management at Radford University in Virginia. She completed her Master of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition/Biochemistry at Rush University in Chicago. In combination, with her Master Program, she completed her Dietetic Internship at Rush Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical Center.


Janelle combines her clinical knowledge and training in holistic, integrative, personalized behavioral nutrition therapies help optimize their nutrition, in conjunction with mind and body wellness goals. Her passion is to guide others to prevent or reverse disease, promote longevity and wellness, and conquer improper metabolism and inflammation. Janelle tailors her coaching so that others will have a full understanding of science and apply behavior to address suboptimal clinical lab results, disease states; including whole food therapies, and supplement and nutrient therapy regimens.


Janelle’s specialties include:

  • Cancer Nutrition Therapy Support
  • Chronic Digestive Disorders
  • Sustained Weight Loss
  • Nutrition in Addiction Recovery Education
  • Kidney Health and Wellness
  • Private Intensive Coaching and Retreat Programs


In Janelle’s spare time she enjoys hiking, yoga, mountain biking, skiing, reading, movies, and community outreach involvement to further prevent and find a cure against cancer.



Janelle’s Testimonials


“Janelle has a way of presenting nutrition that will fundamentally change the way that you eat, workout and supplement. Her “it’s not a diet” approach was key to my transformation. I had lost up to 100 pounds on other diet plans multiple times only to gain them back. I had no idea why the previous weight loss plans even worked. Janelle worked with me to understand how to eat well, how to change my eating habits and even helped me understand how to navigate eating-out or eating in challenging situations. She also helped me understand supplementation as part of the nutrition process as well. Thanks so much for changing my life and my health! I would recommend you to anyone.






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