Dr. Psenka

Seasonal Allergy Solution

Thursday, March 9th at  6:00pm


It’s getting warmer and there’s rain still in the forecast, that means that allergy season in already upon us. It’s likely to be a big year for allergies too. If you’re one of those people who suffers from seasonal allergies then now is the time to start taking action to prevent having a miserable spring. Join Dr. Jake Psenka, author of The Season Allergy Solution, for a discussion about what you can do to prevent and treat your allergies using natural medicine. Topics to be covered include vitamin and mineral use, botanical medicine, diet strategies for preventing allergies and more. You will walk away with info you can immediately put to use!


RSVP and more information at 602-493-2273







Preconception Care and a Healthy Pregnancy

Tuesday,  March 14th at  6:00pm

    • Wanting to get pregnant?
    • Having problems with fertility or miscarriages?
    • Want to have the best health outcomes for your future child?

Join Dr. Tracy Magerus, Naturopathic Physician for an in-depth discussion on fertility and the preconception health habits that everyone should start today. This lecture for both men and women, so bring your partner!


RSVP at 602-493-2273



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