Longevity Medical Health Articles

Women’s Health and Hormones

Most women’s health conditions are related to hormonal imbalance. PMS, Peri-menopause and menopause can cause hormone havoc in some women. In the reproductive years a woman’s […]

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Seasonal affective disorder

Viewing Nature Improves Attention

Did you know that it’s possible to improve your ability to concentrate by connecting with nature? It’s well established that exposure to nature has a positive […]

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alternative medicine

Fiber for Bone Health!

It may seem like a strange relationship, but new research is suggesting that dietary fiber is good for more than just stellar bowel movements! It turns out […]

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Vitamin D3 Intake

Vitamin D3 Intake During Pregnancy Reduces Asthma in Children

The incidence of allergy and asthma is increasing exponentially worldwide, with the highest rates being seen in children. Many potential reasons for this have been put […]

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exercise and jog

Chronic Knee Pain and Prolotherapy

Chronic knee pain is very common.  It is also one of the most debilitating problems to have since it impacts quality of life in multiple ways. […]

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Healthy living

How to Stay Healthy on a Plant Based Diet

Switching to a plant based diet is becoming increasingly popular and has been proven to have numerous health benefits.  There have been so many studies that […]

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