GAINSWave™ Treatment Now Available

At Longevity Medical Health Center we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our patients. This is why we are excited to announce that we are now offering the GAINSWave™ treatment for erectile dysfunction. This is a revolutionary new treatment that requires no medications, no shots, no surgery, and it treats the root cause of ED.


Erectile dysfunction has been found to effect up to 40% of men over the age of 40, and can be has high as 70% in men over 70, which makes it a significant health issue. The problem occurs when the blood vessels that supply the penis become less efficient, as typically occurs with aging. Less blood flow causes a reduction in blood pressure within the penis, which results in a less firm erection. The GAINSWave™ treatment we are now offering at Longevity Medical corrects this problem by invigorating existing blood vessels and by promoting new blood vessel growth.


Treatment with GAINSWave™ for erectile dysfunction is easy with it requiring two fast 15-20 minute treatments per week for three weeks. The effects can last for years and allows men to bring spontaneity back into their loves lives. Click here to visit our GAINSWave™ page and view testimonials from men who have successfully regained their love life with this treatment. For a very limited time Longevity Medical Health Center will be offering a special on our new GAINSWave™ treatment for erectile dysfunction.


Don’t wait, call us now at 602-493-2273 to schedule your GAINSWave™ treatments today.