Chronic knee pain is very common.  It is also one of the most debilitating problems to have since it impacts quality of life in multiple ways. One of the most disruptive ways that chronic knee pain interferes with every day life is through reduced mobility.  We hear from patients almost every day that they have to miss out on family events or rely on others to help them meet their activities of daily living because they are limited by the pain.

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Chronic Knee Pain and Prolotherapy


The most common cause of chronic knee pain is osteoarthritis and the loss of the protective cartilage that protects the knee joint.   This is a process that happens over time and can be especially advanced in patients who played sports or who have suffered injuries in the past.  Another common cause is when the supportive ligaments not longer provide stability to the joint and this results in clicking or locking of the joint oftentimes with significant pain.


The good news is that there are many options to treat chronic knee pain and can help patients get back on their feet “literally” for good.  At Longevity Medical, we work with each patient individually to tailor their treatment plan especially for them.  Most patients receive dietary advice, supplement recommendations, acupuncture treatments and referrals to physical therapy if necessary.  For more advanced cases, we schedule patients for in-office prolotherapy treatments.


Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection therapy that stimulates the bodies own healing mechanisms.  Injections are done into the affected joints or ligaments to reduce pain and help with joint stability.  For those who are a candidate, it is recommended to have a series of 3-5 injections over a 3-6 month period. Most patients find that they get lasting pain relief with this therapy.


For more information about prolotherapy options at Longevity Medical, call to schedule an assessment with our specially trained naturopathic doctors.




Article contributed by Dr. Tracy Magerus